by Vickie Watson, Public Relations Specialist

One of my absolute favorite aspects of my job is visiting with the local Senior Citizens Centers. Every month I visit with seniors in Marshall and Etowah counties just to have some FUN.

There are times we play BINGO, have penny auctions, or sing old familiar hymns, but the point is we have lots of fun no matter what the activity.

Having the opportunity to be among our senior adults is truly a blessing to me. They share stories and life experiences which always turn out to be something that can be applicable to my own life. One lesson I have learned is if you pour into other people’s lives, you will always get something in return.

If you ever have an opportunity to sit down and talk with senior adults from our area – take it. Soak up some of the knowledge they have to offer from their time on this earth. In my opinion, our senior adults are a real treasure.