by Susan Sanders, Community Relations Director

I love Thrift Store shopping. Always have! I’ve been known to get up early on a Saturday morning and hop from yard sale to Thrift Store to yard sale. You never know what is just around the block that you JUST have to have! At one time, I thought, “If I bring home one more Christmas Tree, my husband is going to divorce me.” Then, what do you know, the next Thrift Store would have the most wonderful tree that I could not turn down. He hasn’t left me yet, but I’m still shopping!

I was talking to someone the other day that said they really couldn’t find anything at Thrift Stores. That’s their problem, right there… don’t go Thrift Store shopping to find something in particular, you go Thrift Store shopping to see WHAT you can find. (see the difference?)

Our Thrift Shoppe was just voted BEST Thrift Store and it IS! If you haven’t shopped with us, do so soon (Tuesdays are half price days, but be prepared for a crowd). We appreciate those who donate, and those who shop. They help us continue our business of ministry by generating funds to care for those who need hospice care but have no insurance. Hospice of Marshall County Thrift Shoppe….get a deal, make a difference!