by Susan Sanders, Community Relations Director

I was talking to someone last week at a Senior Health Fair about shopping at Thrift Stores.  The comment the person made was, “I can never find what I need when I go to a Thrift Store.”  My response was, “That’s your problem…you don’t go thrift shopping to find something you need, you go thrift shopping and need what you find!”

I have always had a love for thrift shopping, but now, knowing that my purchases support the mission of Hospice of Marshall County to provide quality end-of-life care for those without insurance is an added bonus.

I’ve always been amazed by the support from the community for our business of ministry and the support for the Thrift Shoppe has been no different.  Individuals donating items they can no longer use to be sold for a GREAT bargain price is a win-win situation for everyone.

Shop the Hospice of Marshall County Thrift Shoppe to GET A DEAL…MAKE A DIFFERENCE!