by Susan Sanders, Community Relations Director

This morning as I was looking for something in my jewelry drawer, I came across the three page (front and back!) instructions I received from my daughter the first time I kept my firstborn grandson overnight. I’m so glad I saved them. Here are just a few of the instructions to me (as you read them, I want you to know, I’ve raised two children of my own, I’m a trained professional nurse AND I had my husband with me as back-up!):

  • “If you feed him carrots, just take his clothes off. It will be better for all parties involved. Carrots go in the fridge after they’re open.” (Duh.)
  • “Good luck because his poo-poo is major shoo-shoo!”
  • “He likes his bath in the kitchen sink with his duckie. I put a small towel in there so his back doesn’t get cold against the sink.”
  • “Turn the heat up at night so he doesn’t have to breathe cold air.”
  • “I have to say these things, I’m a mother.”

Needless to say, I have laughed and laughed about these ‘instructions’ today especially that last one!

When we are new parents caregiving for our babies, each new experience, each new journey is so intense and personal we want to be sure we are in control because WE know what’s best.

How different things are as the years go by and we realize that thinking we are in control is just an illusion! There are days you just have to do the best you can and trust that your children, your families, and your loved ones are safe and cared for by you or other competent individuals.

As caregivers for our elderly parents or grandparents, each new experience is so intense and so personal we may need specialized “instructions” from caring professionals trained to guide us through the end-of-life journey. The team at Hospice of Marshall County Shepherd’s Cove is here to help you. If hospice care is not right for your family at this time, we may be able to direct you to other resources in the community. Our goal is to help you have confidence in the decisions that are made.

Give us a call, let’s talk about your concerns and what’s on your mind.