Having been an employee of Hospice of Marshall County – Shepherd’s Cove as a Team Secretary in the inpatient facility for over four years, I gained a unique perspective. One of the most heartbreaking things for me was to hear someone say they felt like by choosing hospice care that they were “giving up” on their loved one. This is something I wrote from my perspective. It is what I would want my loved ones to know if I were a terminal patient and could not speak for myself. – Beth Byars, Team Secretary

The Sweetest Thing

I hear you. You are in the other room but I hear. I hear the pain in your voice as you ask, “How can I give up on her?” How I wish I could respond to you dearest.

How could you ever think you have given up on me? You were there when I got the news. You held my hand as we planned the battle that would not be won. and when that became apparent you still shared every step of what has been my journey. I suppose it was easier to keep a bit of humor when I was more myself. When I could speak and laugh with you. I know you can’t see it dear, but my heart still smiles at the sound of you singing to me like you always have. My heart will always be with you, but my body is tired and wants rest.

You have been my rock and the only earthly comfort my tired spirit has found. I am so loved and blessed to have you by me through it all. I know it’s hard but you must understand I will never really leave you. Look to heaven and know I will be smiling down on you. I will be whole again and pain free. I, my love, will never have another bad day.

Be brave for me one more time my dear. Be brave enough to let me go. That is the sweetest thing you can do for me.