by Vickie Watson, Community Relations Specialist

Sometimes I want to shout from the rooftops just how amazing our staff is when it comes to caring for our patients. One of our Hospice Care Assistants recently came into my office grinning from ear-to-ear to show me a photo she had taken. Now, this was not just any old ordinary picture. This was a special picture because it was of a Christmas wish come true for one of our patients. You see, this sweet little lady had shared with her nurse, social worker and HCA that she had not had a Christmas tree in a very long time and how much she would love to have some flowers during the holidays. So, what did our team do? They went straight to work, much like Santa’s little helpers. They gathered up their three poinsettias, which had been provided to them as a gift from another of “Santa’s Elves” here at Hospice of Marshall County – Shepherd’s Cove (Shepherd’s Cove Hospice), and the patient’s social worker donated a Christmas tree! All of these items were promptly delivered to our sweet little patient. She was absolutely thrilled to have the Christmas tree, stating, “This is the first tree I have had in a long time!” and she was so happy to receive the bright red poinsettias — her “flowers for the holiday” — to bring even more holiday cheer to her home.

It is amazing, sometimes, how the simple things can make such a huge difference in the lives of others — something as simple as a poinsettia and a Christmas tree. But for the staff of Shepherd’s Cove Hospice, it was about making a difference. It was about a life touching a life. It was about a servant’s heart.

As we enter into this joyous season, may we always remember the little things are what matter the most. It is not our presents, but rather our presence, that makes a difference to those we serve.


Our sweet little patient beside her Christmas tree holding one of her poinsettias.  (Permission granted by patient for use of this photo.)