by Ellen Jones, Intern

This past summer I did a marketing internship with Hospice of Marshall County – Shepherd’s Cove (HMC – SC). Hospice care has nothing to do with my college major and I wasn’t paid any money, but I loved my experience so much that I’m spending some of my precious Christmas Break volunteering again.

There is something about this place that keeps drawing me back here. I’m not sure if it’s the incredible people who work here or the wonderful work that they do, but there is something special about Hospice of Marshall County – Shepherd’s Cove. I think that it might be my desire to be a part of something so important, even in the smallest ways. Entering the email addresses of people I have never met into a spreadsheet might not be the most exciting way to spend my time off from school, but it can make a huge difference if even one of those people learns more about the care HMC – SC provides.

I’m part of an important chain: I enter the email addresses, the HMC – SC team lets people know about the great work they do, people can make an informed choice and choose the best hospice care available, and the staff here at HMC – SC ensures that patients and their families get the care and support that they need in a difficult time.

I’m not just doing busy work – I’m helping people to get the best support possible at the time when they need it most. While I lack both the training, and the emotional and spiritual strength of the Hospice of Marshall County – Shepherd’s Cove staff, it still feels great to do the little bit that I can to help such a wonderful organization.