by Beth Byars, Homecare Team Secretary

I have thought often of how blessed I am to work for Hospice of Marshall County – Shepherd’s Cove. It is something that our Easter Communion in the chapel truly brought home this morning. How many work places will even allow you to talk about God and His precious Son? I can tell you it is not many in this day and age. I was blessed to sit and worship with my co-workers today. It was truly beautiful.

Ann German, Bereavement Clerical Support/Volunteer Chaplain, led us in our service, and she did a wonderful job. Her words called to mind my Jesus and everything he did for me – how He laid down his life that I might have eternal life. That He rose from the grave and conquered hell and death. He brought us the key to heaven when he suffered, bled, and died. What a joyous thought that the people we serve have that chance too. They can be freed from suffering and pain and have that perfect resurrection body. It is hard to imagine never having another ache or pain. For that matter it is hard to imagine never having another bad day! But that is what we, as Christians, get to look forward to.

Let us remember with gratitude our Lord’s sacrifice in this Easter season and every day after. He is hope where there seems none. He is comfort in life’s storms. Most of all He is love.