by Rhonda Osborne, CEO

Elowayne There are MANY memories my mother made for me and my sister.  I recently said, factiously, I have tried to think of a memory that didn’t include me getting a “whipping”!   and that sounds much more terrible than it was in actuality!   However, my mother, along with my father, instilled in me the concept of right and wrong, and when I went down the wrong path, there was indeed consequences.  Mother and Daddy were a team. Sometimes, more often than not, that consequence was “I’m going to tell your daddy!”  When I wanted something, I might go to Daddy first, but he never failed to say, “go talk to your Mother and then we will decide”.

My parents, in the midst of being disciplinarians, were also great encouragers.  Mother was a wonderful seamstress.  She made all my clothes.  In fact, I never wore a purchased dress until I was in the second grade.  One of my great memories was going “to town” on Saturdays.  But before we could go to town, mother stopped to get $2 in gas for the ’66 bright yellow Chevrolet Impala.  The shopping trip, I noticed very early, didn’t include purchases at most of the stores but included a lot of looking, which I thought was boring!  The last three stops were Chandler’s Fabric Store, the A&P Grocery Store and the Dairy King (located where Giovanni’s is currently located).  The smell of Eight O’clock coffee from A&P as well has the hamburgers to take home was associated with those weekly trips to town.  Within a week, Mother made me dresses that looked just like those we had spent so much time looking at on our shopping trips.

I have many memories I will always treasure.  I was blessed to have a loving mother and father who didn’t hesitate to encourage to reach my dreams (being a nurse) and taught me family values and strong work ethic.

I am blessed to be able to spend this Mother’s Day with my 89 year old mother.  Decoration at our church was the 2nd Sunday in May – Mother’s Day.  Along with those beautiful dresses mother made for me she made me wear white gloves and white patent leather shoes.  We dressed up, decorated graves of our loved ones, we visited with extended family members and we shared a bountiful lunch.  This year on Mother’s Day, I will continue Mother’s tradition……well, all except the white gloves!