by Riley Kate Lancaster, 2016 Miss Northeast Alabama

One of the greatest things about Dare to Share Your Stuff is that it does not limit sharing to a personal belonging or an actual item. You can share your time and services as well. I had the privilege of sharing and volunteering my time at Hospice of Marshall County-Shepherd’s Cove’s bereavement camp, Community Camp HOPE. At this moving camp, I was given the opportunity to participate in the activities and help with the children and adults who were there to remember their loved ones. The volunteers who shared their time and efforts to put on Community Camp HOPE did an unbelievable job at preparing activities for the participants to remember their loved ones. The first activity was yoga. By relaxing your body and finding that calm and quiet time, you are able to reminisce on all the great memories you shared with a loved one in the past. The second activity on the list was canoeing. One of the best ways to let your emotions get outside of your body is to get out and get your hands and feet moving, so at Community Camp HOPE they offered a time to canoe! It is sometimes difficult to be able to speak on how you feel, but one way you can display your emotion is by art. The third activity was arts and crafts. Participants were able to create any picture on the canvas to aid and express their emotions. The last activity at Community Camp HOPE was equine. One amazing quality about horses is that they can sense how you feel on the inside. It was so beautiful to be able to stand before, and care for, these alluring animals and know that you can share your emotions. At the end of the day and after all activities were finished, the volunteers shared a poem and the participants released butterflies for their loved ones. The whole day was such a beautiful experience. I enjoyed sharing my time with everyone who was a part of Community Camp HOPE and I cannot wait to get involved again.