by Vickie S. Watson, Community Relations Specialist

Do you know how sometimes God will impress upon your heart a specific concept or image over and over again?  Lately, the concept God has put in front of me is that of a fingerprint.  We all have them, you know.  Each one is intricately unique and expressly beautiful.  It just shows the power of God’s magnificent creation!  Imagine it…of the billions of lives that have been formed in mothers’ wombs all over the world, not one single person has the exact same fingerprints – not even identical twins.

You may be thinking by now, “Why in the world is she talking about fingerprints?”  Well, allow me to explain.  We each have a ripple effect in our lives (much like the whorls used to identify fingerprint matches).  They move outward.  In other words, our existence – the things we do – touch the lives of the people around us.  When I ponder it, and the magnitude of it all, it is sort of mind-blowing!  And, considering that every day our staff at Hospice of Marshall County-Shepherd’s Cove are out there touching lives by providing care and support to patients and families, we are leaving fingerprints behind on the hearts and lives of those we serve.  To me it is phenomenal!

When I sit in staff meeting on Monday mornings and hear the cards or emails read our CEO has received about the care that was provided to someone’s beloved family member, it makes my heart soar!  I sit in awe of what our staff does to bring comfort to our patients and peace-of-mind to the families we serve.  What an amazing gift!  We are allowed into patient’s homes and lives at some of the most intimate moments in their lives, and we are making a difference in their peace and dignity at the end of life.  That is a pretty amazing fingerprint, don’t you think?  So what is the moral of my story?  Our fingerprints do not fade from the lives we touch.

“The understanding eye sees the Maker’s fingerprints. They are evident in every detail…Leave fingerprints.”  — James Krenov