Hope can take on many forms. For some, it’s finding joy after loss or peace in the face of fear. For others, it’s the possibility of a bright future or comfort at the end of life.  For many, it’s being home, especially during the holiday season.

ag-blog-rhettnb04This Thanksgiving was special for me. I hope it was for you! I just hosted my family for Thanksgiving for the first time, however, our home has been the gathering place for my family for decades! I know…that doesn’t seem to make sense, right? But you see, my husband and I (along with our two boys) moved into my grandmother’s house this summer. My grandmother was an amazing cook, an even better story-teller and a gifted hostess. She was a loyal friend, a spirited Christian woman with a heart of absolute gold. She loved fiercely and lived fully. She was the centerpiece of our family, and she is missed terribly. This was our 2nd Thanksgiving without her, and her absence still looms large. Like many who have experienced the loss of a loved one, the holidays are a difficult time for me. This one is special, as I feel my Granny’s presence in a different way this year. I tell you this to explain that HOME MATTERS, not just at the holidays, but being HOME brings peace and comfort to many, especially at the end of life.

A Gallup poll reveals that close to nine in ten adults (88%) would prefer to die in their homes, free of pain, surrounded by family and loved ones: Hospice works to make this happen. I experienced that first-hand with my Granny. I had to BEG her to go to the hospital when she was so sick with COPD that she only had days to live. She made me promise her that she would come home. She wanted to be home for those final hours. Hospice of Marshall County-Shepherd’s Cove worked very hard to make that happen for her and for my family. I am so thankful Shepherd’s Cove Hospice allowed me to keep my promise. I am forever grateful, and I want to be sure everyone knows how to get the help that they need. That help brought me great hope during a very painful time.

You can become the face of hope for others dealing with end-of-life issues with your gift to the Hospice of Marshall County Foundation. The impact of your gift is immeasurable. Your generosity could help a patient with a terminal illness find a measure of physical comfort and spiritual peace. It could literally help a patient go home for the holidays one last time, or live this holiday season comfortably in their home (or in ours– the home-like environment of Shepherd’s Cove).

On this special Giving Tuesday, will you give hope?


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