Rhonda Osborne, CEO, gave us a glimpse into a precious moment with her mother, who is being served by SCH. Below, in her own words, she shares a story about her mother’s bucket list experience.

Patient and ambulance driver at Red Mill Bridge fulfilling a last wish to see the newly constructed bridge“So what does a bucket list and a bridge have in common? As many of you know my mom is slowly declining in health (in fact we think she has 9 lives; she is tough as many of her generation) and is a home care patient of Shepherd’s Cove Hospice. Over the weeks mom and I have had some enlightening conversations … Like she is not afraid to die, ‘every day with Jesus is sweeter than the day before,’ the love for her family and on and on. She let me know there were important events she wanted to see. One was the birth of her great granddaughter (the first girl in the family in 26 years), she thinks age 90 would be a ‘good time to go’ (her birthday is 3/28), and she wanted to see the new Red Mill Bridge as she never thought it would happen in her life time. Our family traveled over Red Mill double bridges typically 6 out of 7 days a week between school, mom going to work at BRYANT Furniture Mfg., and ‘going to town’ on Saturday.

Well, Cecily Kaye was born in October and mom saw and held her Thanksgiving and Christmas. With the help of SCH Social Worker, Ashley Priest, MMC EMS, Chris Keef and Chris Brock, and Asbury Fire and Rescue, Bryan and Kimberly Baker, yesterday mom saw the bridge, up close and personal! Mom is bed confined so seeing the bridge wouldn’t happen without an ambulance and this was not considered an emergency. But thankfully the Lord held off emergencies so MMC could take mom to see and drive over the bridge!!! Bryan and Kimberly blocked off traffic so they stopped on the bridge so she could get a view from the bridge.

Thank you to all involved! She was exhausted on her return home but it was a ‘good tired.’ Two out of three on ‘the list’ done… Now, the Lord has her birthday in His control.”

Patient on a stretcher getting ready for her trip to see the newly constructed Red Mill Bridge Patient on a stretcher with ambulance drivers preparing to embark on a last wish journey to see the newly constructed Red Mill Bridge Ambulance transporting the patient across Red Mill Bridge