Last Wishes Can Become Realities

by Vickie S. Watson, Community Relations Specialist

I was driving down the road the other day and a news story came on the radio that made tears well up in my eyes.  When you work for a hospice agency, some stories just seem to hit home more so than others.  This particular story was about a physician from Nebraska who was in the final stages of colon cancer who feared he would not make it to see his son graduate from high school in May, or his daughter get married in June.

In his hometown of St. Paul, Nebraska, his family and friends, along with people from the local school, church, and hospital, came together to make a way for this man, lovingly referred to as “Dr. Dan,” to see both a graduation ceremony and a wedding ceremony on the same day.

I was struck by the story.  You see, stories impact our hearts and touch us in ways, and in areas, that nothing else can reach.  This story is like one of many we have experienced here at Shepherd’s Cove Hospice.  We, too, have been a part of seeing last wishes fulfilled – some on a grand scale such as an airplane ride or a NASCAR adventure, with others on a smaller scale such as being able to see a granddaughter play basketball, or being able to drive over a newly constructed bridge in your home community.  Whether great or small, each of these wishes mean something to the person who is facing the end of life.  Furthermore, these wishes leave lasting legacies for the families that are touched by the outpouring of love and support that it takes to make a last wish come to pass.

Right now, Shepherd’s Cove Hospice is in the process of trying to make a last wish a reality for a family. A family whose mother is ill and wants one thing before she leaves this life, and that is to make some memories with her children.  She wants them to remember something fun and positive rather than only being left with memories of their mother’s illness, doctor’s office visits and medical treatments.

You can make a difference!  You can help make this wish a reality.  Our Foundation has set up a Fundly page for this family’s “Memory Trip.”  Would you prayerfully consider making this trip – this last wish – come true for this family?