by Vickie S. Watson, Community Relations Specialist

Sometimes real-life stories are far better than anything that can be written by authors of fiction.  The book, “The Amazing Mr. Beam” is one of those real-life, completely enchanting examples.  As I have thumbed through the book on various occasions, I find myself caught up in the charming stories of the real-life Mr. Beam.  If you need a really good belly-laugh, you absolutely MUST read this book.

“The Amazing Mr. Beam” is a quirky, fun-loving book written by local real estate broker-turned-author Greg Henderson.  Mr. Henderson spins the tales of the adventures Mr. Beam gets caught up in and literally captivates you, as the audience.  You feel as if you are right there, taking in every moment of Mr. Beam’s locally famous exploits.  I rolled with laughter as I read, “Mr. Beam and The Breakfast Buffet” found on page 67.  The story takes place on a family vacation in Kauai, Hawaii.  Allow me to share an excerpt from the story:

and then it happened.  It was like the heavens opened up, and the sun shone down on the bread, pastry, and sweet section of the bar.  Mr. Beam just stood there for a moment, unable to take it all in.  It reminded those who witnessed it of Ralphie in A Christmas Story when his eyes captured the vision of the Red Ryder BB gun, except instead of worrying about shooting your eye out, Mrs. Beam began warning Mr. Beam about the dangers of overindulging and being sick. It was too late; the words fell on deaf ears (literally).

Mr. Beam was off in a flash, piling his plate with breakneck speed and craftsmanlike precision. Not another morsel could be contained on the plate, one of many to come. As a matter of fact, the first plate was so heavy that it took both hands to carry the load, and he was short of breath when he reached the table. Fortunately, he found enough air to begin the onslaught―beginning with pancakes covered with guava jelly and mango syrup, then a two-egg omelet and slices of bacon, and continuing with pastries, topping them with syrup and jellies as well. It was machinelike. No birds even got close to Mr. Beam at this open-air restaurant overlooking the pool with the ocean in the near distance, fearing their next flapping of wings could be their last with fork tines stopping them in midflight…

I have to leave you in suspense as to how the story ended.  I think you simply need to purchase the book.  and if you need an additional nudge, on the back of the book, it is written, “What do the Secret Service, Detroit Lions, TSA, and a large husband of a beautiful hula dancer have in common?  They all want answers from the seemingly innocent Mr. Beam.”  This book makes my heart smile.  And, as if the smiles and belly-laughs were not enough to entice a purchase, Mr. Henderson is donating $10 of the proceeds from the sale of each book to the Shepherd’s Cove Hospice Foundation.  He will even sign your copy if you would like to join us on May 9 from 4 – 6 p.m. for the book signing.  This event will be hosted here at Shepherd’s Cove Hospice in our Community Room located at 408 Martling Road in Albertville.  Please stop by and pick up your copy.  We look forward to seeing you.

The Amazing Mr. Beam Book Signing Flyer