Are veterans prepared for the end of life?
We hosted a luncheon to help veterans prepare for life’s most difficult journey

Veteran heroes spent months preparing for their journey into battle, but so often they are ill-prepared for one of the most important journeys – the end of life.
Preparing the correct legal and financial documents ahead of time can bring a great measure of peace during that end-of-life journey. Veterans have special needs in this preparation process. Veterans or families of veterans were invited to a luncheon to learn more about these needs and get help. The luncheon took place Nov. 9 at 11:30 a.m. in the Shepherd’s Cove Hospice Community Room at 408 Martling Road in Albertville.

The program featured a special presentation for veterans followed by opportunities for free, private consultations with the legal and financial professionals of the Shepherd’s Cove Hospice Planned Giving Council.