As another Memorial Day approaches, we become reflective on the service of our American heroes. I was born to a 7th generation Army veteran. My family’s history has been colored with service in the United States Military, so this particular holiday is a big one for us. My great-grandfather was killed in combat in WWII. My grandfather was 3 years old at the time, and this loss impacted him for years to come.


When my grandfather was just 16, he signed up to join the military. During that time, the need for active duty soldiers was pretty huge, so not many questions were asked. Well, not until my great-grandmother showed up as he was about to board the bus for basic training and demanded to know where her teenage son was going. She took him back home to Alder Springs that night. He officially enlisted when he was 18 years old, eager and ready to serve our country just like his father and his father’s father had before him. During his service, he married my grandmother, and they had two sons who would also go on to join. My father joined the Army, and my uncle joined the Navy.


None of the men in my family joined the military for the glory or the praise. They joined because it was what they felt like they needed to do. We have an equally rich military history on my mother’s side, her brother having gone to Vietnam. My father, my uncle and my grandfather don’t consider themselves veterans or heroes, but I do. They’re my heroes. It’s too often that those that sacrificed so much for our country do not see that sacrifice in themselves.


My story is not one that is incredibly unique – family full of those who have served but that also very much downplay their service. When a veteran comes to Shepherd’s Cove, we make sure they know we appreciate what they have done for us. We offer them an ear or a hand who can understand, many of our staff and volunteers being veterans themselves. It is such a small gesture to thank someone, especially for something so big. So, this Memorial Day, we would like do a tribute to those we have served who so selflessly served us. Check out the information at