Fear thrives on the unknown. That’s often what makes the end-of-life journey so scary – so much of it is unknown, unfamiliar. When we travel any other journey, whether it’s a new tourist attraction or the journey of marriage or parenthood, we seek guides. We look for advice from people who have been down that road, navigated the path, and experienced the best and worst. We feel more comfortable when someone can tell us what to expect. Why? Because they help us get the most out of our journey. They help us avoid pitfalls. They help us maximize our time and minimize our pains or efforts.

But death is one journey we don’t want to face – whether it’s our own death or that of a loved one. We’re afraid of physical pain, mental anguish, or spiritual suffering. What if there were people with vast experience on that end-of-life journey? What if you had access to guides who could tell you what to expect – people who could help you avoid some of the physical, emotional, and spiritual pitfalls? What if someone could make the most of your or a loved one’s end-of-life journey?

That service is available. Those experienced guides do exist. Although every person’s end-of-life journey is unique, hospice care professionals, more than any other in the medical world, have closely traveled the end-of-life path many times with many different people. They have seen the best and worst. They can tell you what to expect on each stage of the journey, and they have witnessed the effects each stage has on patients and the patients’ loved ones.

They can help unmask the scary villain of death – make the journey less scary … maybe even beautiful, as some have said. The professional, compassionate staff at Shepherd’s Cove Hospice focus on helping each patient and family we serve get the most out of this inevitable journey. Of course, when it’s all over, a new journey begins – the grief journey for family and friends. Don’t worry. We can help there, too. Our grief support staff stand ready to guide you through your grief, no matter how long that journey may take.

Do you wonder if hospice care is appropriate for your loved one or even yourself? Do you need someone to help you navigating the torrential terrain of grief? There’s no shame in reaching out for help. Visit shepherdscovehospice.org or call us at 256-891-7724 to learn more.