Rocky Hollow Farms became a (glamorous) barn full of laughter, applause, fellowship and graciousness. Several jokes were made throughout the night that Friendsgiving was essentially just a Shepherd’s Cove Hospice family reunion. When you consider the amount of time that people invest when they give, that is not far from the truth. People who spend hours, some even hundreds, with one another in the capacity of volunteering, working or fundraising are bound to become a family.


We have always prided ourselves with giving those coping with end-of-life issues a home-like atmosphere that, hopefully, extends past the structure our facility. We want to evoke that kind of atmosphere in our care and in how we treat one another. If you were present at Friendsgiving last night, then you saw the home-like atmosphere in its purest form. I cannot count the hugs I saw, or the laughs. It’s almost awe-inspiring to see how much all of these people with maybe little to nothing in common can come together to help provide care for those who need it. The selflessness in that room was paramount.


As a staff member, it is sometimes easy to get bogged down with the work we do. The hours, the loss, the grief…but when you see an event like this, it pulls you right back up onto your feet. The opportunity to love on people for coming together for a greater purpose is something you should never shy away from. These people become your family. Personally, there are volunteers that I see on a weekly basis, sometimes I spend more time with them than I do at home and I could not ask for a better second family. Wether it be work, or events, or volunteering, or giving we are all connected to each other through the mission of Shepherd’s Cove Hospice.


Thank you for letting us celebrate you last night.┬áThank you for being my family, thank you for being family to each other. Thank you for supporting our mission by giving, with a servant’s heart, your time, talent and/or treasure.