If your loved one is in a skilled nursing facility, do they really need hospice care? After all, they have nurses available around the clock, right?

Yes, nurses and care aids are always in the facility. However, as symptoms worsen during the end stages of life, patients need more care and attention to manage those symptoms and maintain dignity and comfort. While the facility staff care about your loved one, they are also responsible for many other residents. The Shepherd’s Cove Hospice team works closely with the facility staff to provide closer, one-on-one care for your loved one and greater support for you, the family and/or caregiver, during this difficult season.

Compare the end-of-life to driving a car. The patient and family are in the driver’s seat. The facility and hospice staff are the passengers, providing extra eyes and hands for your loved one. The end-of-life journey can sometimes be very difficult to travel. Shepherd’s Cove wants to be with you and your loved one every step of the way.

Hospice staff can focus on symptom management and relief, getting the patient more comfortable and assisting the facility staff as they continue to care for other residents.