A hero is someone admired for achievements and noble qualities, one who shows great courage. There could be no more a courageous act than walking the journey of terminal illness and end-of-life. We had the great pleasure of celebrating these heroes we encounter every day at the Hospice Heroes Breakfast Nov. 14 at the Progress Rail Auditorium in Albertville.

Hearing from Annette Duncan, wife of a former SCH patient and now board member and volunteer, we learned that hospice does not mean hopeless. It is not “giving up,” but simply the next stop on the last leg of life’s journey. It is a reprieve from the stress of terminal illness.

Rose Moody, who started as a volunteer with Shepherd’s Cove Hospice 20 years ago and is now a secretary in the inpatient unit, reminded us that love is indeed the best medicine at the end of life – love for patients, their families, and each other.

Heart is a defining characteristic of Shepherd’s Cove, one that transcends barriers. And, really, it is an extension of the community. We break down barriers to care at the end of life, particularly financial barriers, because of the community loves and believes in this mission so much to gives time, energy, skills, and financial support. Shepherd’s Cove is a community hospice – founded by the community, run by the community, and supported by the community.

Thank you to all our heroes, those who give generously and those who receive services bravely!

To learn how you can join forces with the official Hospice Heroes campaign for the Race to Remember, click here.

By Malarie Allen | Donor Relations Specialist