Cassidy Smith, Written Communications Specialist

When I first came to Shepherd’s Cove just last month, I’ll admit I was nervous about what my job would entail. As the daughter of a lifelong nurse, I’ve been around hospice my whole life, but I’ve never been deep inside this world in my own career. I was worried that I’d say the wrong thing or write something that came across as being insensitive.

Shepherd’s Cove has already taught me so many things, though. I’ve learned about people, relationships, compassion, protocol, and reality, among other things. I’ve learned about all of the different services we offer to patients and their families, and I have to say, this place has already changed my life in many ways.

Death is a subject that has always made me uncomfortable. I didn’t want to think about it, talk about it, or have a plan or idea for how I would like to be treated at the end of my life. Shepherd’s Cove has helped open my eyes and my mind to the importance of discussing death. Death is not something to be feared; it is simply the next natural step in our existence. Having a pre-made plan in case of serious illness is our chance to have a say in how that next step is handled.

Shepherd’s Cove has also taught me valuable lessons in compassion and empathy. With each task I finish, I ask myself, “How would this make me feel if I or a loved one were in hospice care?” Putting ourselves in others’ shoes allows us to gain important perspective, which in turn fuels our compassion for others.

At Shepherd’s Cove, you will find a well-trained, experienced staff with the heart to care for others and the knowledge to do it best. Whether you need inpatient treatment or prefer to be cared for from the comfort of your own home, our staff will always do whatever is necessary to make your or your loved one’s end-of-life journey as peaceful and comfortable as possible. You’ll find people who care, far beyond the scope of their jobs, who will do anything in their power to be there for you through your difficult time. You’ll find an entire company made up of people with hearts of gold, the hearts of servants.

That’s why we say our heart sets us apart.