By Cassidy Smith, Written Communications Specialist


It can be the most selfless, loving act that one person can do for another. It’s outreaching a hand to someone in need, showing them that they are seen, loved, and valued. It’s laying down your own wants and needs to ensure that others have their wants and needs.

It can seem a simple gesture, but to those on the receiving end, it can be a lifechanging experience. When you donate clothes, furniture, and food, it helps give families the basic necessities they need to feel comfortable and thrive in their lives. When you donate time, your hands, and your ears, it helps give comfort and love to our ill and grieving neighbors.

Even further, donating to Shepherd’s Cove – whether it be through the Thrift Shoppe, our bereavement center, or our main facility – ensures that our community receives the best care possible from our agency. Because we are non-profit, we rely on donations from our incredible community in order to give back to that same community through exemplary care. We strive to never turn anyone away when they need care, and with your help, we continue on that goal and countless others!

Because of your selfless giving, we have been able to give our patients special moments in their end-of-life journey. We have helped so many people accomplish so many things that they hoped to do, and that is all because of YOU. We have given families extra time to spend together, without stressing about everyday worries, all because of YOU. Our entire existence and everything we do would not be possible without the giving that happens every single day, because of YOU.

and when you need us, you can rest assured that your fellow community members and neighbors will be there to give us the support we need to support you.