By Cassidy Smith, Written Communications Specialist

The coronavirus scares a lot of us because it is surrounded by unknowns and uncertainty. We fear sickness, pain, and the possibility of death. Many of us experience anxiety directly related to quarantine, isolation, and the possibility of exposure. There is a fear of the future, of what comes next. We seek the wisdom and guidance of the experts, scientists, and doctors who have dedicated their careers to situations like this.

These are the same types of fears and questions we strive so hard to dispel in hospice care. Every day, neighbors, friends, and loved ones face the harsh reality of death head-on. For many, these are extremely unexpected circumstances. We face the same concerns: what happens next? Will I be in pain? What will happen to me? What will happen to my family? How do we handle the anxiety, fear, and sadness that comes with it all?

We handle it with knowledge, expertise, and experience. At this point, our agency has 38 years of alleviating pain, helping families, and offering grief support under our belts. We have helped thousands of families through these exact situations. We’ve held the hands of those navigating their own circumstantial storms, offering guidance all the way. We know what we are doing, because we’ve done it countless times, and it’s proven to be helpful over and over again.

The reality of coronavirus has pushed many of us to begin thinking about death in a new way. It no longer feels like a faraway, distant thing that we can deal with later on down the road. It feels like more of an urgent matter, something that we should start thinking about and planning for, much like retirement or a cross-country move. As humans, the unknown is the scariest part of something new. When we take away as much of that unknown as possible, through planning, discussing, and deciding, we take away as much of the fear and uncertainty that surrounds death that we possibly can. We don’t have to worry about what will happen to our families, because hospice helps us plan for what will come. Hospice helps ensure that your wishes are followed and that your family gets the support that they need, all while bringing comfort and security to you in your last days.

When circumstances are unforeseen and hard to bear, rest assured that the end-of-life experts at Shepherd’s Cove Hospice are taking your life in our capable hands, and that is an honor that we don’t take lightly.