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Shepherd’s Cove Hospice walks with families and individuals of all ages as they journey through the end of life and stages of grief, helping them understand what to expect and bringing peace, comfort, and hope. We are a trusted leader in providing exceptional care tailored to patients’ needs, whether at the patient’s bedside or in our short-term care facility that offers a peaceful, home-like atmosphere. We are dedicated to creating an unmatched legacy of service in Northeast Alabama through our hospice care, community bereavement programs, and state-of-the-art team training that ensure an uncompromising high quality of care. Our care involves a team approach that includes expert medical care, pain and symptom management, and spiritual, emotional, and practical support for you and your family.

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Care in the Home

No two families or situations are the same. Our goal is to individualize your plan of care to meet your needs. There are many options for care with Shepherd’s Cove Hospice. We are fortunate to have care at Shepherd’s Cove as one of those options. Shepherd’s Cove Hospice is the ONLY  hospice with this option in this area.

Care in Facilities

It is the philosophy of Shepherd’s Cove Hospice, that persons who are eligible and desire hospice care have the right to receive those services in their primary place of residence. For some individuals, their place of residence may be a nursing home facility. A list of these pre-approved facilities can be provided upon request.

Inpatient Care

Our 10-bed hospice inpatient facility is designed to complement the care offered through our home hospice program. Compassionate, emotional and spiritual care that preserves comfort and dignity is provided in a spacious, welcoming, and home-like environment.

How does someone qualify for a stay at our inpatient unit?

If a person qualifies for hospice care, they may also be eligible for care in our inpatient unit.  Our inpatient unit is designed for respite care or general hospice inpatient care. 

Caregiving is an exhausting job, albeit one that is done out of love.  Respite care is provided if the family is tired and needs a break from caring for someone with a life limiting illness.  Or, a joyous family event such as a wedding may require that caregivers be out of town for several days.  If this is the case, then our inpatient unit can assist in providing a safe, comfortable environment for this stay of up to 5 days. General hospice inpatient care is care that is provided to alleviate a symptom that cannot be managed in another setting.  Our hospice home care team members are experts in managing symptoms such as pain, breathing difficulties, or anxiety, but there are times when around-the-clock medical monitoring is needed.  Our inpatient unit can provide comfort for these and other symptoms or provide a safe place for someone to rest at the end of life.

Guests of our inpatient unit come to us from our home hospice program, skilled nursing facilities or other sources.  Once symptoms are managed or the respite stay is over, they can resume their home hospice care in their place of residence.