Clinical FAQ


Who pays for hospice care?

Medicare, Medicaid, and most private insurances include a hospice benefit. Shepherd’s Cove Hospice works with each patient and family to verify these benefits. SCH never turns anybody away for inability to pay. Cost of unreimbursed care is covered by the Shepherd’s Cove Foundation.

Who can refer someone to Shepherd’s Cove?

Anyone can make a referral to SCH. In cases of self-referrals, we get the patient’s permission to obtain necessary medical records from his or her attending physician.

Can I see my patients after I refer them to Shepherd’s Cove?

We work with any physician to provide care to patients. You can choose to continue seeing your patient or let SCH’s medical director manage the patient’s care. Either way, we will communicate regularly and keep you informed of your patient’s condition.

Does a patient need a DNR to receive hospice care?

Shepherd’s Cove will discuss all options with patients and families at the time of admission. A patient’s wishes will always be respected.

How often will a member of SCH visit the home?

The visitation schedule varies depending on each patient’s plan of care, their condition, and needs. It can be adjusted any time.

Does hospice care speed up the dying process?

Hospice does nothing to either hasten or postpone death. We simply try to provide as much comfort and peace as possible as the process happens naturally.

What happens during emergencies that happen after hours?

SCH nurses are available 24/7. Each patient receives a phone number to call after hours. A nurse will assess the situation over the phone, try to talk the patient/caregiver through the emergency, and visit the patient’s home if needed.