Teaching Guides

Knowing What To Expect

When you or someone you love has been referred to hospice care, it is understandable that you may feel overwhelmed and experience many emotions. Shepherd’s Cove Hospice (SCH) is here to support you in this time. It is not our intent to “take over” all care but to provide friendly guidance, helping you to find comfort – physically, emotionally and spiritually. SCH has a team of professionals (physician, nurses, nurse practitioners, social workers, aides, chaplains) and volunteers that are ready to work on your behalf. Because members of SCH’s team will not be in your home 24 hrs. /day, this guide is to give you information so that you are comfortable and confident in providing care.

SCH believes most fears can be eliminated if you know what to expect. For most people, knowing what to expect is not as fearful as the unknown. With that in mind, this quick guide is given to you to:

  • Explain what physical symptoms might be expected and what can be done to control those symptoms,
  • Give you teaching tools for you to refer to as you need,
  • Teach common end of life signs and symptoms,
  • Share common emotions that may be experienced during this time,
  • Promote open communication between family members and with SCH,
  • Provide suggestions on how the caregiver can take care of themselves,
  • Share tasks your hospice Social Worker can help meet your goals, and
  • Direct you to additional resources for your own research, if you would like.

Throughout this journey, your SCH team members want to teach and educate you, encourage you and empower you. Educating you on how an illness affects our body and learning how to address symptoms gives you the tools and confidence you need. With SCH here to help, we want you to be encouraged – you are not alone on this journey. We also want to empower you to direct this journey so that it is lived out in the way you desire. SHC respects individual’s unique goals and needs. We want to serve you by assisting you to fulfill your unique goals and needs.


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